Understanding Chinese New Year and how to make 2019 our best year ever!

Chinese New Year is a festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar.

This year 2019 is year of the pig, however there is something extra special this year a cycle that we only see once every 60 years! For some of us, me included it might be the only time in our life we experience this extra special cycle.

The Chinese use 12 main animals that rotate through the years but they also have 5 elemental engeries that accompany those years and this year is an Earth year, combine that with the pig and we have a special Earth Pig year.

This in of itself doesn’t make it good or bad but it does mean if we want to get the most out of 2019 we need to understand the flow of energy and the direction it can take us.

If you want to make 2019 the best year then let’s delve into the secrets of understanding the energy of this year.

Pigs in many cultures signify wealth, think of piggy banks.

The pig is diligent and hardworking, think of the pig when uncovering a truffle, snout down focussed on uncovering and earthing it’s reward.

Pigs are not afraid to get mucky, they understand that digging down in the dirt is sometimes necessary to reap the rewards!

in January after watching the lovely Marie Kondo on Netflix I was inspired to clear out my wardrobe. Half way through things we’re looking worse than when I started and at one point I was considering shoving it all back in and closing the door! However I persevered and now have cleared the space for lots of lovely new items to come in 2019.

This year the pig energy will allow you to reap the rewards wherever you focus your energy. This can go one of two ways pigs can be greedy, and greed can easily become gluttony.

Consider where you would like your focus to be this year, is it increased wealth in terms of :

  • money

  • self esteem

  • confidence

  • business or career success

  • Improve relationship with your partner, friends or family.

  • Improving health

    Whatever you choose to put your energy into this year be prepared to be hardworking, diligent and to get a little messy before your rewarded!

    Lets consider Earth engery and how this plays a role in this year.

    Earth has a certain rhythm to it think of the cycles of the seasons , it’s also stable and nurturing.

    Earth brings everything together combing the water and sunlight to bring everything to fruition.

    If you were born into the Earth element you will have a strong desire to understand the world around you and how it works and you will also feel the need to be understood.

    Earth energy is also about sharing the rewards, think how the Earth shares its reward at harvest time. Some of our greatest teachers have a huge amount of Earth energy in their nature.

once we have decided on our focus for the year then using the knowledge of Earth, remember ritual and rhythm is a huge part of earth energy.

Why not decide on a new ritual be it spiritual with a meditation practice or physical with excerise or emotional you could try jounaling. If we look at people and civilisation that enjoy longevity then you will see healthy rituals are a big part of their lives. Choose the best time of day that works for you , morning, afternoon or evening it doesn’t matter.

Whatever you decide on this year as you go along the way there will be great value in sharing even if things aren’t perfect. Sharing knowledge of what you have learnt or unearthed and what greater understanding that has brought you will be important this year, whether that be privately with friends or on larger platform of social media.

What lessons can we learn from 2018, it was a tough year for society the year of Earth dog energy brought us a combination of the best and the worst of the dogs nature. Dogs can be faithful and loyal and can bring people together but they can also bark and be aggressive and we certainly had challenges with that last year. Pigs are gentler, they do have higherachy but they don’t have the same pack mentality as dogs.

This year will feel easier like we’re having a rest and rewards will come more easily. The essence is not to become complacent. We can’t ignore the lessons we have learnt from 2018 but rather use hardwork, focus and the nurturing flow of the Earth Pig energy to bring us together as a society we must strive for compromise and understandanding.

The key stratergies for makeing the most of this year. Be clear and focussed on what you want to improve on, put in the hard work and focus, stick with it as it might become messy in parts. Share your experiences along the way and you will be richly rewarded.

Have a wonderful 2019, for those of you that decide on improving health and well being I look forward to meeting you in clinic soon!

How Does Acupuncture Improve Your Health?

Acupuncture can have lots of benefits, not just for beauty but for general health too. You probably know all about the cosmetic effects that acupuncture can bring but the advantages for your overall health are often very underrated.

If you’re looking to address issues with your health, here’s why acupuncture sessions could be a great move for rebalancing your body.

Why Acupuncture is Great for Health

Acupuncture has a regulating affect on all of the systems in the body and can improve so many aspects of health including digestion, sleep cycles, breathing and elimination with each session.

Here are just a few of the ways acupuncture can improve health (as proven by studies!):

  • A Chinese study showed that acupuncture can help to treat insomnia, especially compared to using medications and/or herbal treatments. Even better, there were no negative effects reported by the patients using acupuncture, whereas medications can sometimes have side effects. Acupuncture can stimulate the production of melatonin a chemical that encourages sleep and which is often very low in people who struggle to sleep well. 
  • A study published in the Archive of Internal Medicine showed that acupuncture can treat lower back pain. If you’ve ever had back pain, I’m sure you’ll agree that any reduction in pain is very welcome! Knee pain is another area of chronic pain that can be helped by acupuncture, as this study showed. 
  • A small scale study looking at how acupuncture can help migraines showed that it can work well, especially when local tender muscular points is involved.
  • A Brazilian study showed that acupuncture can treat acid reflux and reduce heartburn, meaning patients didn’t have to take as many antacids to relieve their symptoms. For some of these patients, their acid reflux was affecting eating and sleeping but this was often much improved following acupuncture. 

The Health-Beauty Connection

I’m a firm believer in the holistic approach to health and beauty and this is a big influence in my treatments. 

Health and beauty go hand in hand and the way that you look is often very closely connected to how you feel in yourself. Let’s face it, we feel so much better when we know that we look good! And this can have a lot to do with your health and lifestyle.  

This was definitely the case for Sally, a recent client of mine who originally came to me for treatment for issues with the look of her skin.

She was worried about pigmentation and also felt that her skin was looking tired and showing signs of ageing. A lot of this was to do with her stressful job, which was affecting her sleep and encouraging her to crave coffee and comfort foods such as pasta. As you can probably imagine, this was taking its toll on her skin. 

For her skin treatment, we focused on the pigmentation and fine lines between her brows. Knowing that the problems ran far deeper than what was showing on the surface, I also included acupuncture points on her body to reduce her stress levels and regulate her sleep patterns. This worked really well in helping her relax more and curbing her unhealthy cravings. 

Here’s what Sally had to say about the results:

“With the lack of time for myself I was beginning to see the evidence, not only by how I felt, but in my face.

Treatment one targeted my most lined areas, which were my frown line and around my eyes. I also had very evident pigmentation on my cheeks, which you can see in the pictures. 

The treatment felt fantastic;  it was relaxing and invigorating. The massage included in
the treatment really helped me unwind and afterwards I felt a warm, tingly feeling in my skin that felt like it was working its magic, even after the treatment. 

Interestingly, after treatment two something strange started taking place. Not only were my lines and pigmentation fading, but I started to feel like I had more of a spring in my step and I had this sudden urge to stop drinking caffeine, which is
unheard of for me! I then started to feel less anxious. 

By treatment four, I couldn’t contain my excitement with the results and people
kept telling me I was confident and shiny. 

By treatment six, I felt like my sparkly self again and in particular my skin not only was
pigment free but the deep lines between my forehead had disappeared - unbelievable! 

The photos tell the story, so for anyone questioning this treatment, doubt no more! 

All I can say is I am now an acupuncture advocate and I will continue to have treatments!”

The relaxation treatment that Sally is referring to is my Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation therapy, which I’ve put together based on my previous experience as a skin specialist. This is a wonderfully rejuvenating treatment that includes pressure point massage, facial cupping and jade rollering. 

Acupuncture Versus Botox

People often turn to Botox for the quick fix in treating cosmetic issues such as lines and wrinkles and other issues such as excessive sweating. 

Facial acupuncture is becoming more popular as a natural alternative to Botox as there are fewer side effects associated with it compared to Botox. It’s a slow burner in comparison and the results are more subtle but they start to add up session by session. 

Like Sally, most patients report that they get lots of lovely compliments about their glowing complexion after acupuncture treatments. 

If you’d like to know more about how acupuncture can help your health and help you to look better, get in touch with me today!

The Benefits Of Cosmetic Acupuncture

As the holiday season approaches, we start to think about parties and social gatherings we want to look our best for. However, the winter season can make us feel lethargic and the lack of light can really affect our energy and make us feel like just curling up with a bowl of comfort food! Going from the warmth of your car or home into the cold wintery weather can also play havoc with our skin, making it dry, dull and lack lustre.

So if your wanting to not only look better but feel better without all of those nasty chemicals then Cosmetic Acupuncture could be the answer.

What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture is not the latest fad or new thing on the market. It has, in fact, been practiced in China for thousands of years. It is acupuncture on points of the face to stimulate the meridians, and therefore, improve muscle tone and skin contraction; this in turn helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment also reduces the sagging jowls and helps to eliminate puffiness by improving the metabolism - the skin circulation is greatly improved and this helps even out colour tone and tightens the pores. As the treatment is totally natural and works with the body's energy, you will feel revitalised all over with an improved sense of well-being - a fantastic alternative to medical and chemical treatments!

The skin products I use have been carefully chosen, they are called Tropic developed by Susan Ma, who appeared on The Apprentice. Susan's idea of a handmade, no chemicals, vegan and so cruelty free approach fits perfectly with acupuncture. Oh and they also smell and feel divine on your skin!


After the first treatment, you will look refreshed with a glow like you've just had the best nights’ sleep - although for significant improvements, it is usually clearer after a number of treatments. The improvements are subtle and happen gradually with many patients reporting friends telling them how well they look, but they can't quite work out why you look different.

After a thorough consultation, treatment begins with a cleansing of your skin and the insertion of tiny needles in specifically chosen points, these points are working on bringing fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to your skin restoring that warm healthy glow. Smaller needles can then be used on fine lines and wrinkles which encourage the production of collagen to fill the line out naturally. Once the needles are in you can relax and enjoy a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a facial massage and cupping therapy, to remove puffiness and toxins from the skin. The treatment finishes with a warm steam towel and the application of a serum specially chosen for your concerns.

So if you want to avoid the winter blues and look like you have that summer glow, why not give it a try?